Why Gyansrota?

Gyansrota is designed to take care of the students of the entire country irrespective of their location, language and economic status. It is not limited to student who are studying in English medium only.

Gyansrota is covering entire syllabus in a systematic way as required in school in your own language with the use of most modern method of teaching. So Gyansrota is not only for one particular board, it’s for all. 9 languages covering 14 boards what we are talking about at the 1st phase for secondary and higher secondary classes.

In spite of having a special bond between a student and a teacher, many a times students fail to understand in one time and are may be shy to raise their doubts in their classroom. Reasons can be many … but that is not our domain to discuss. We at Gyansrota provide high-quality teachers cover the entire course to overcome this inherent problem. At Gyansrota you can understand from the teacher as many as times you want to. Replay and replay… teacher will not say anything!

At the outset of an examination, students mayn’t recollect lectures given to them 6 to 8 months back. And many a times, it is not feasible in a classroom teaching to arrange for a revision class. In any such case, the teacher of Gyansotra is always available without any extra cost. Just run the video from offline module without even thinking about internet connectivity and cost and refresh your memories.

Animated and Graphical representation of concepts helps the student to understand better.

Video lectures equipped with real life examples and animations helps student to use the same in their day-to-day life.

Gyansotra is an ultimate tool, sufficient for students to excel in their lives. It is a platform for everyone in a diverse country like India.

We cover multiple bords, we teach in multiple languages, we cover multiple subjects… we are the most diverse edtech platform! We are Gyansrota.