Knowledge Vs Schooling

Now answer this… What do you place at the higher degree - Knowledge or Securing Grades in the Examination?

The very question makes you delve deep in the complexities of Indian Education System… because as deplorable as it may sound, the fact is, students grow up in an education system where they need to appear for an examination to prove their knowledge. So, it becomes a necessity that not only students prepare for it, but also excel in it.

Having said that, R&D at Gyansotra ensures the proper amalgamation of knowledge-oriented and exam-oriented study methods. This is the most pragmatic approach, as it will be wrong to put either knowledge or examination above one another. Gyansotra proudly proclaims that they have attained this balance where students gain maximum knowledge while pursuing their regular studies.


Gyansotra follows conventional school syllabus system without elaboration of irrelevant contents that consume the precious time of students. Nevertheless, Gyansotra ascertains at the same time that students are given required details about every topic without any confusion. Thus, creating a matrix for the wholesome development.

Gyansotra follows the routine set by different educational boards… for example, particular portion of the course has to be finished before first unit test. This division of school routine helps the students to keep pace with the school teaching methodology. And Gyansotra adheres to it.

We are here to compliment the existing education system for the better.