Multiple Boards

There is a famous saying that ‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’… and rightly so. That’s why, in a country like India which is optimistically en-route to become a global leader, with its 41% of population below the age of 18, education plays a significant role in moulding the ethics, culture and future of the country.

Hello everyone! This is Gyansrota and today we are going to talk about Gyansrota… a platform with systematic educational approach… which not only is determined to provide affordable quality education to every student but also aims to make everyone a genius!

The strength of our country lies in its diversity… Die of various lingual-social backgrounds shape and nurture the children in a particular frame which becomes their identity.

Therefore, for true development, it’s imperative that students are watered accordingly.

And with this very cognizance the state governments have taken the liberty to formulate education policies. That’s why, rules and curriculum differ from state to state… giving birth to various Educational Boards.

Different Educational Boards have different subjects, different approach towards teaching.

For example… in West Bengal, Science is divided into Life Science and Physical Science… Which means, students appear for two Science Papers in their Board Examinations. But in the rest of India, Students appear for one Science Paper bearing 100 marks… Similarly, in Odisha, students are bound to study three languages; English is compulsory and students can choose from any two from Odia, Hindi and Sanskrit.

So, the question is… is there any platform that takes care of all these factors? Yes. Gyansrota! Its watchword ‘success sabke haath’, sums it up very well. Isn’t it? At present we are coming up with 14 boards in 9 different languages.

Gyansrota takes care of these details as it not only values students of each state but also its education system.

Consequently, once student chooses his educational board, Gyansrota lays out the syllabus for him. This is the same syllabus as per the school’s course of study.